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7 Home Maintenance Tasks You Might Be Neglecting

the exterior of a house

We all love to have our home clean with its features functioning well. But let’s face it – maintaining a home is hard work. There’s so much to do, so it’s not unusual if you forget a task or two. However, the risks of getting into big financial trouble lie in undermaintaining the property. Houses need constant care to minimize the chances of sudden repairs and surprise costs. Also, real estate experts can have an easier time selling a home in good condition. Buyers notice an undermaintained house quickly, which leads to a lower price or spending more time on the market. This guide will remind you of some home maintenance tasks you might be neglecting. Take a look and include them in your routine.

1.    Cleaning gutters

Gutters are very simple – if they are clean, they will do their job successfully. Otherwise, you risk improper water flow, clogged gutter damage, and leaks. Depending on the surrounding of your home, gutters can be filled with leaves, branches, pinecones, fruits, and more. Be sure to clean the gutters once a year or before and after the winter season.

an owl on a roof

Gutters collect all sorts of things during the year, which block the water from running.

2.    Test the sump pump

We often neglect systems in a home, such as sump pumps, as they ‘always’ work. However, if a problem occurs, it can damage your home, as it can flood your basement. Testing your sump pump is one of the home maintenances tasks you might be neglecting, so here’s a reminder to do it a couple of times a year. The best way to see if everything is working is to fill a bucket with water and pour it around the sump pump. If everything is working correctly, the pump should turn on when the water reaches the right level. If you notice something different, be sure to call a plumber.

3.    A roof inspection is one of the home maintenance tasks you might be neglecting

Probably the most underestimated home maintenance task is the checkup of the roof. Even though it’s protecting our home at all times, we forget about it. Your roof is something to check at least two times a year, before and after the cold days are over. This is when you can truly see if the roof is ready for autumn and winter, but also do the spring checkup to see if there’s any damage after the cold season.

How to check the roof? A visual check is often enough to spot any moss build-up, moved nails or shingles, curved shingle lines, etc. Also, clearing the gutters can show the roof damage and see if any roof parts are collected.

roof in the rain

Roof inspection is one of the home maintenance tasks you shouldn’t forget.

4.    Foundation check-up

A winter season with rain, seismic movements, and other factors can easily damage your foundation. Foundation repairs can cost a couple of thousands of dollars, so on-time checkups are a great way to prevent unnecessary expenses. Even the most minor cracks in the foundation can be a sign of severe damage, so be sure to consult a professional if you have any doubts.

How to check your foundation? You can do several things to make sure your home is standing on a strong and healthy base. Walk around and see if there are any wall cracks or leaning, warped floors, changes in windows and doors, and your chimney. All of these can show potential foundation damage, so invest an hour of your time in preventing severe problems and finding a suitable home warranty service. Be sure to compare different options to pick the best deal for your home and ensure lower repair costs in case of damage. The offers will depend on the age and condition of your home, so take everything into account before making the right decision.

5.    Cleaning fans around the house

Your ceiling fans, bathroom fan, and kitchen exhaust collect a lot of dust and grease over time. However, this dirt is not visible, so it’s often neglected in daily cleaning sessions. Include these items into your monthly cleaning routine to avoid the spread of allergens all around the house.

a vacuum cleaner

Update your cleaning routine with the home maintenance tasks you might be neglecting.

6.    Take care of your fridge

Not cleaning your fridge well can increase your electrical bill and affect the food’s quality. It’s vital to clean condenser coils behind the fridge, as they often collect dust, cobwebs, and more. They stop the fridge from releasing excess heat, leading to overheating and spending more energy than necessary. Also, other tips will help your fridge last longer:

  • Cleaning the seal on the door 
  • Not blocking the vents 
  • Clear the excess ice in the freezer part 
  • Don’t use the highest setting for cooling 
  • Don’t leave the fridge open for too long 
  • Regular cleaning of shelves and other inside parts.

Regular maintenance of your kitchen appliances will ensure they last longer, but they will also be more energy-efficient and won’t increase your bills.

7.    Replacing batteries in all the alarms in your home

If you’ve been lucky not to have any problems setting off your alarms, you probably forget to replace their batteries and see if they work. You never know when an accident can happen, so your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and other safety gadgets need to be working properly. Check them regularly every couple of months and maximize the safety of your household. Furthermore, experts from advise comparing different security companies to get the best security system for your home. Professionals can raise the security levels of your home to the maximum level, installing and maintaining security systems for you.


Taking care of a house indeed takes a lot of time and energy. Cleaning, repairs, and small household renovations are the reality of homeownership, which can sometimes be overwhelming. However, you should know that it’s all worth it. The feeling of belonging to a home and having your own safe place is priceless. Owning a home is the dream of many families, so we shouldn’t underestimate this privilege. We hope this guide will remind you of all the home maintenance tasks you might be neglecting and help keep your home in great condition for a long time.