Real Estate Upsizing July 21, 2021

7 Signs It’s Time to Upsize Your Home

Even though you may enjoy your current home and all of the memories it holds, there may come a moment when you simply must relocate. Recognizing when your beloved small home no longer meets your needs is an important element of being a homeowner. When that time arrives, consider embracing the prospect of ‘upsizing’ to a new home that better meets your and your family’s needs. Let’s take a look at some clear signs that it’s time to upsize your home.

1. You cannot escape the clutter

Although your humble abode has done a fantastic job at being sufficient for you and anyone else you’re sharing your home with, some clear signs tell you it’s time to leave. One of these is undoubtedly a cluttered space. If you cannot maintain the cleanliness of your home and aren’t able to find room for everything you need, chances are you’ve outgrown it. Feeling cramped is no way to live. You’ll just have more and more items for which you’re unable to find space. Especially if you’re planning on expanding your family, you need to come up with a solution. The simplest and most logical answer to this problem is upsizing your home. By doing so, you’ll be able to finally furnish your home the way you’ve wanted to. This means no more tiny pieces of furniture and tricks to help your house seem bigger. It’ll actually be bigger.

2. Your home is becoming too small for your family

If you seem to be waiting for the bathroom or toilet all of the time, your kids are sharing bedrooms, and visitors have nowhere to stay, you should upsize your home. A smaller residence can rapidly become crowded and chaotic for expanding families. It’s possible that you’ve outgrown the space, and everyone feels like they’re living on top of one other if your family is constantly squabbling. If that’s the case, upsizing your home isn’t just a possibility, it’s a necessity. Getaway spaces, such as nice-sized bedrooms, a study or multipurpose room, and an outside area with plenty of natural light are essential for everyone’s sanity. This way, the kids can have their own rooms, and if you have any visitors, they can reside in the guest rooms rather than on the couch.

3. Upsize your home because you can afford it

Of course, deciding to upsize your home is a significant investment. Make sure to look at what you can afford. Once you’ve thought about this step long and hard, only then proceed with it. Additionally, before you start the process of upsizing and moving, make sure you can afford not only the capacity to move up but also the ability to keep your current lifestyle intact. It’s also necessary to keep an eye on the present market. If it appears that now is a good time to buy, interest rates are low, and your finances are in good shape, it may be a good time to relocate.

4. Your home needs endless repairs

Even though it’s natural for a home to wear and tear over time, you need to set boundaries. As your home ages, you’ll need to put more and more money into it to maintain it. Keeping an older home going can be worth it for some people. However, if you’re tired of being stuck in a loop of constant repairs, it’s time for a change. It’ll actually probably pay off in the long run since these fixes can add up. A new home will mean no more repairs of noisy old bathrooms and kitchens where everything needs replacing. Your floors won’t look worn out, the gutters won’t need to be replaced every time it rains, and you’ll no longer have poor energy efficiency.

5. You’re no longer happy with your surroundings

Since you initially bought your home, your situation and what you thought was an ideal location may have completely altered. Moving jobs, for example, may now need a long commute. To choose the best location and give your family what it needs, think about relocating and upsizing your house. Make a list of all the features you require in a location and begin your search!

Relocate to another neighborhood easily

If you decide to relocate to another neighborhood, know that upsizing your home isn’t the only obligation you’ll have.Residential moves are a lot of work. However, with a bit of help from reliable and trustworthy professionals, you’ll get the simplest possible relocation without a lot of fuss. So, make your life easier, and don’t attempt any DIY moves. Hire a moving company, instead.

6. Make room for a furry friend

Bringing a pet into the family may be a thrilling experience. They’re beneficial for our physical and emotional health, and they’re the best of friends, but not every home is pet-friendly. It could be time to start looking for a new home if your existing one isn’t suited for that much-desired puppy or kitten. Buying a larger property will probably also come with a larger yard, which will be really convenient for the well-being of your pets.

7. You want to entertain larger parties

First homes are sometimes just big enough for your lifestyle, with little room for entertaining. So, if you’ve started to need a place that you’d be proud to show off to friends, it could be time to upsize your home. Larger homes will offer more space for entertaining, as well as possibly a second bedroom where guests or family members can stay. You’ll also have extra room to host children’s birthday parties or arrange playdates. A larger home surely allows you to express your outgoing side.