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7 Signs You’ve Found the Right Real Estate Agent in California

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There’s probably no need to emphasize that California is, and always was, a thriving real estate market. Therefore, one can’t play games when looking to buy or sell a property. Most folks avoid many issues that might arise by hiring a real estate agent. However, many wonder whether they’ve hired the right person for the task since results vary. One might feel tricked. To skip this stage, you’ll need to watch for some clues or signs that tell you: yup, you’ve hired the right real estate agent in California. Wondering what those might be? If so, read the article you’ll find below!

Sign #1: They are a great company, and you feel good around them

Now, we’re not saying that you must be in love with your realtor or something. We’re just saying they need to be a person that’s good to be around. If you’re sensing a strange vibe or notice the sudden appearance of thoughts telling you something isn’t right, you probably didn’t pick out a realtor that suits your needs. Here’s the main thing: since you’ll spend a lot of the time talking or communicating in this or that manner with your agent, you’ll want that experience to be as pleasant as possible. You’ll probably agree with us when we say there’s almost nothing worse than dealing with someone you don’t like being around. Therefore, trust your instincts and choose someone you have no trouble working with.

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A good realtor is someone you have no trouble being around.

Sign #2: Their communication with you is swift

If your realtor communicates with you swiftly and candidly, that’s one of the signs you’ve picked out the right real estate agent in California. So, what’s the best way to test this? Here’s our suggestion: one of the first things you should do before hiring anyone is to ask a realtor for credentials and basic information. For instance, you can inquire about how many properties they’ve sold in your area or something similar. If you notice they’re somewhat reluctant to give you a straight and quick answer, that could signal that something’s wrong. However, if they answer quickly and without hesitation, that’s a clear sign that you’re dealing with skillful professionals. You must work with a realtor who has a sense of what’s going on in your local market and who doesn’t hide behind false information.

Sign #3: They adapt to your schedule and style

Let’s talk a bit more about your communication with the real estate agent. So, you’ll need an agent that can quickly adapt to your schedule and how you communicate; tell us the advisors over at For instance, you mightn’t have the time to talk while you’re at work, or maybe you prefer SMS communication. Well, whatever it is, your agent will have to adapt to that. All in all: seek an agent that’s flexible enough to cater to your needs when it comes to communication.

An opened schedule notebook.

Also, a good real estate agent in California can adapt to your schedule.

Sign #4: They’ve asked you to get pre-approved

Are you, by any chance, a buyer? If that’s true, and you, for some reason, haven’t spoken to a mortgage professional before going property-hunting, a trustworthy realtor will ask you to do that. Trust us, even though it looks a bit like a frustrating process, or if you don’t understand the reasons behind such an action, a good realtor will ask you to do it since it represents a benefit for both sides (you and the realtor, not you and the buyer). There’s great info to learn from the pre-approval process, and a top-quality real estate agent will tell you why.

Sign #5: They’re honest (even when the truth isn’t so nice)

Another common sign of a bad realtor is unprofessional behavior. Of course, it might sound a bit on the obvious side to make such an observation. However, that doesn’t take any of its strength. When we say unprofessional behavior, we think of realtors asking you to lie about disclosures or make false claims in an advertisement. You can’t expect a good result ifthey’re unethical in their approach. Also, a good California realtor won’t lie to you even when the truth isn’t on your side.

A little piece of paper on the ground.

Even when the truth isn’t so pleasant, your realtor has to be honest in their approach.

Sign #6: They use aggressive marketing to promote your home

As you can probably assume, the property won’t sell itself (in most cases). A hot real estate market is why many choose California for this, especially folks from neighboring states such as Nevada. That’s why the home you’re about to sell needs to be advertised correctly. By proper, we mean aggressive. If you’ve hired a good California realtor, you’ll have no trouble selling your place since they’ll market it until the best offer arrives. Your real estate agent must be knowledgeable and informed about the ever-changing world of home-selling tactics. They’ll have to do everything in their power to generate foot traffic to sell your home. If you’re wondering what is considered “aggressive” marketing, we have some ideas:

  • Taking advantage of social media.
  • Promoting your place on multiple local listing services.
  • Organizing open houses.

There’s much more than this, of course. An excellent real estate agent in California will know what’s there to be done!

Sign #7: They’re great diplomats

One of the key traits of an excellent real estate agent in California or anywhere else is being a hefty negotiator. For all we know, this could be the significant attribute a good realtor has to possess. Someone needs to negotiate on your behalf, and you certainly don’t want someone who’ll do it worse than you. A good realtor has to ensure you get the best deal possible. You don’t want to sell your place for less or overprice the property you’re planning to buy, right? So, you might be wondering: how can one figure out whether a realtor is a good negotiator before hiring them? Well, check out online reviews on third-party websites. That’s your best bet.

Paul works with residential property owners as well as builders and developers and has 3 Promises for his clients:

  1. He will be on time.
  2. He will be brutally honest.
  3. He will do what he says he is going to do for you.

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  2. Negotiate for you…This means he will treat your money likes it’s his money.
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Bottom Line, he is going to get the job done properly for you and not let you down!

Some final thoughts

Okay, folks, that’s about it on the signs that you’ve hired a solid real estate agent in California. Search until you’ve found the right one since the whole process of buying or selling a property isn’t an easy one!

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