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7 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Flowers on the table – a great way to prepare home for spring.
We have stepped into March, and that means only one thing – spring is around the corner! Now is the perfect time to de-winterize your home. So, say goodbye to warm sweaters and cold weather and let in the warm fresh air of spring in your life. We’re talking beautiful flowers, a colorful palette on the walls, and refreshing scents – everything that screams life and blossom will do the trick. In the spirit of things, in today’s article, we will talk about seven ways to prepare your home for spring. Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s scroll!

Reorganize your closet

Let’s start with the most dreaded chore – closet reorganization. This is a task most people love to put off, and we understand why. It takes your valuable time and bores you out of your wits – we get it. However, putting the winter clothes in the back and the spring ones in the front of your closet is an incredible mood booster. Once you see all these light pieces in beautiful colors, you’ll feel much happier. And, once the spring jitters overwhelm your body, you’ll actually feel good about completing this chore.

And, this is a perfect time to declutter. The best way to do this is to look for things you can get rid of, donate, or even recycle. If you have many winter coats and jackets that you won’t be wearing until next winter, we suggest that you think about renting a storage unit.

There are many reasons to rent a storage space, and you should definitely opt for this solution if you want to keep all your winter clothes safe but don’t have enough room in your home. This way, you’ll both prepare your home for spring and make extra space for other stuff.

Give your bed a makeover

Next, you’ll have to make some changes to your bedroom. For instance, those flannel bedding and faux fur blankets may seem snuggly in the winter, but now the weather is warming up. We recommend you use sheets that are made of a more breathable percale or sateen. Additionally, replace bulky throws with something lighter and thinner. This should be one of the first signs of spring in your home.

Add a pop of color

Leave the winter’s dreary behind and let the sunlight in with a pallet of bright colors to welcome the spring season. Giving your space a fresh coat of paint makes everything feel brighter and healthier right away – much like spring mornings themselves. Pastel colors are perfect for interiors and give off a cheery springtime vibe. They go with many different colors in the home and are a terrific way to revitalize a worn space, ranging from mild green to soft yellow. If a full room makeover isn’t in the cards, adding color through soft furnishings like rugs or pillows is a good alternative.

Additionally, if you’re into wallpapers, now it’s a perfect time to make them a part of your home decor. Going with cheery spring prints and bright colors is a great way to prepare your home for spring and refresh your home!

Bring refreshing scents into your home

Spring scents can help you emerge from your winter slumber and get your home ready for the spring season. Lemongrass, bergamot, and orange are classic spring notes, while floral aromas like iris, jasmine, and rose can help brighten your spirits after a long winter. Yes, the days are becoming brighter. However, a shimmering candle flame or a diffuser may still create a warm ambiance in the spring. This is precisely what you need to get in the spirit of things and set the perfect spring mood in your home.

Get your garden tools ready

Spring is an excellent time to examine the winter damage, repair broken tools, sweep the lawn of any fallen debris, and clean up your shed. It may not be the first spot that comes to mind while spring cleaning, but it certainly shouldn’t be neglected.

So, as spring approaches, it’s critical to organize our garden sheds to create room for all the knicks and knacks, tools, and equipment we need to store. Organizing and making maximum use of the space using racking, hooks, and shelves is a terrific place to start. We recommend putting goods that “live together” in categories and labeling segments, so you know where everything is stored. This will keep you from having to turn the shed upside down every time you need to undertake some yard work.

Make your garden guest-ready

Nature is beginning to resurrect itself. While it may still be too chilly to dine outdoors, now is the perfect time to tend to your garden so that you’ll be ready when the weather warms up. So, jet-wash the patio, mow the lawn, clean (or refinish) any worn-out patio furniture, and fix up the garden beds and borders.

Moreover, consider dividing your garden into zones if you have the room. Ideally, you’ll have a designated area for relaxing (sunbeds, a patio sofa, and a hanging egg chair), as well as a separate place for dining (bistro sets are ideal for small areas). Finally, add stylish elements to your outdoor space, such as a garden reflector, lanterns, and outdoor rugs. In no time, your garden will be ready for your friends and family.

Style your home with flowers

Magnolias, hydrangea, tulips! Bringing these beauties into your house serves as a lovely reminder of how things are beginning to blossom outdoors. If you’re anything like us, making your home ready for the spring season is all about decorating your house with flower arrangements that cheer you up, even if it’s only a handful of daisies from the garden. Alternatively, you may purchase a spring wreath or create your own with your favorite wildflowers. It’s just a huge mood booster, and it creates an inviting atmosphere that everybody will enjoy.

Are you ready to prepare your home for the spring?

Spring is coming, and we couldn’t be more excited. If you’re cut from the same cloth, then it’s time to embrace this season in your home. With these seven ways to prepare your home for spring, you’ll be more than ready on March 20th to enjoy the beginning of the best season to the fullest. Think colors, flowers, refreshing scents, eating breakfast al-fresco, and clothes without layers. This all sounds amazing, right? So, roll your sleeves and get to these tasks one by one because spring couldn’t be closer!

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