Moving August 17, 2023

Make It Work: Uncover the Secrets of Starting a Business While Moving

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Starting a new business is a significant endeavor, but when you also need to move homes to have enough space to run your operations, it can feel overwhelming. However, with proper planning, organization, and execution, it’s entirely possible to start a business while moving homes. In this article, we’ll provide tips and strategies to help you make it work.

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Visualize Your New Space with a Floor Plan

Before you move into a new home, it’s crucial to create a floor plan of your workspace and living areas. This will help you visualize the layout and determine how much space you’ll need for your business operations. The plan should include a designated workspace and storage area for your equipment and supplies. Having a clear picture of your new space will also enable you to plan your move more efficiently, ensuring that everything fits seamlessly and minimizing any disruptions to your business operations.

Leverage Customer Insights with a CDP

A customer data platform, or CDP, is a powerful tool for any business looking to better understand their customers. By collecting and integrating data from various sources, such as social media, email marketing, and website analytics, a CDP builds a comprehensive profile of each customer. These profiles include information such as purchase history, preferences, behaviors, and demographic data. By leveraging this data, businesses can gain deeper insights into who their customers are and what they’re looking for. This information is critical for creating more personalized marketing campaigns, delivering tailored products or services, and building stronger customer relationships. If you want to take your understanding of your customers to the next level, go here to learn more about how a CDP can help your business succeed.

Design a Website

When designing a website for your new business, it’s important to consider the user experience and ensure that site navigation is clear and intuitive. Attention-grabbing visuals and engaging content can help keep visitors on your site longer, while ensuring that your site is optimized for search engines can help improve your online visibility and drive traffic. Finally, incorporating a strong call-to-action can help encourage conversions and drive business growth.

Maintain Balance: Create a Schedule for Work and Unpacking

When starting a business and moving at the same time, it’s essential to balance your work responsibilities with unpacking and settling into your new home. Create a schedule that allows you to devote sufficient time to both tasks without sacrificing one for the other. Prioritize your work tasks by identifying those that are most urgent or have strict deadlines. Also, set aside dedicated time for unpacking and organizing your new space.

Get Additional Help by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

To ease the burden of managing your business during the move, consider hiring a virtual assistant who can take on some of your administrative tasks. This could include answering emails, scheduling appointments, and managing social media accounts. Having additional support can help you stay focused on running your business while simultaneously transitioning to a new home.

Starting a business and moving homes simultaneously is no easy feat, but with proper planning, organization, and execution, it’s entirely possible. By creating a floor plan, using a customer data platform to gain deeper insights into your customers, notifying your clients and customers of the move, updating your website and social media profiles, creating a schedule for balancing work and unpacking, and hiring a virtual assistant, you’ll be well on your way to a successful transition. Remember to stay organized, communicate openly with your customers, and maintain a positive mindset – you’ve got this!


Mary Shannon