Ready to Sell? November 29, 2022

Tips to prepare your garden when selling your house 

First impressions count when it comes to viewing a property, so it’s vital that you present your home carefully when you put it on the market – this applies to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Follow these three handy tips for preparing your garden when selling your house.


1. Make it tidy but not too tidy

Naturally, you’ll want to tidy up your garden by mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, removing weeds from flower beds and tidying away kids’ toys or gardening paraphernalia. This helps to optimise space and shows that you take care of your property. However, you want to make sure your garden feels lived-in so potential buyers can imagine themselves using the space. 

It’s okay to leave large play items like swings and trampolines in place if they’re in good condition and they don’t swamp the lawn, particularly if your home is likely to be popular with families. Lawnmowers, strimmers, leaf blowers and other large pieces of equipment should be stored away, but a barbecue could remain in situ if your garden has a dedicated area for it.

2. Check your neighbour’s garden

Potential buyers might be put off if your neighbour’s garden is very messy or overgrown, particularly if it’s very visible from your property. If this looks set to be a problem, you could politely ask your neighbour to tidy their garden up and offer to lend them a hand. They may be lacking in time, physical ability or equipment and simply need a little help to get on top of it. 

Similarly, if there are shared or adjoining areas with neighbours, make sure these are clear of clutter. If you have adjoining fences or hedges, chat to neighbours about repainting or tidying them up. They may be unwilling to spend time or money on these things if they feel they won’t benefit, so be prepared to cover the costs or do the work yourself in exchange for access via their property if necessary.

3. Create an inviting seating area

Having access to outdoor space is really important for our wellbeing. In fact, 94% of adults feel that spending time outside is beneficial for their physical health, and 82% feel that being in nature makes them happy. This is why so many people are keen to find a property with a garden. However, it’s vital that the garden feels inviting so that potential buyers can see themselves spending time there. 

It’s a good idea to set up a seating area in your garden if you don’t already have one, and to dress the space if possible. For example, you could set up some lighting and a few candles, and add some cushions to chairs or benches. If you’re working with a very small garden and there isn’t space for furniture, consider laying out some blankets and cushions on the ground instead.

Invest in your garden for a faster sale

A well landscaped home can increase the value of a property by up to 15%, so it’s always worth spending a little extra time on those all-important finishing touches. By investing time and money in your garden now, you can reap the benefits when buyers are willing to snap up your property for a higher price.